Links – If we don’t carry the supplement.  The website of my father Dr. Daniel Schlenger, DC, should have it.

ICAC California – The International Chiropractic Association of California

BoxFitElite – We are the Chiropractors of choice for your fitness and training experts at BoxFitElite of Stockton, California. They are also our trusted trainers for our patients.

University of Western States – Dr. Schlenger’s graduate school

Life West Chiropractic College – Local Chiropractic College in the Bay Area

ACA – American Chiropractic Association – Fiber content in food.  Great reference for healthy eating – This is great place to find more reviews of the latest in chiropractic research.

Facebook Premier Chiropractic Page – Here is another link to our facebook page to keep you informed.

3D Spine – This a great visualizer of the spinal anatomy and what structures are affected by subluxation. –  This a great overall resource for healthy living. – The California Chiropractic Association.  They are the largest organization for the advancement of chiropractic in California.

PubMed – This is the first place you should start your research on anything medical.  You can access a ton of different studies including one on chiropractic that I will often site here on our web page.

Stockton Heat – Premier Chiropractic is the team chiropractor for the Stockton Heat hockey team in the AHL.

University of the Pacific – Premier Chiropractic is the proud team chiropractor for the Pacific Tigers (WCC) athletes in Stockton California.

DirectLabs – This a great way to get lab work done without a doctor order it.  Their prices will be very competitive with other local labs.

Cyrex Laboratories – This lab is a great resource for those having immune system disorders and need to find out more.  We use this lab to look for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease disorders.

Quest Diagnostics – This is local lab we use for our blood and urine tests.  They have several testing areas for stockton chiropractic patients.

NeuroScience – This lab is great for testing of neurotransmitter levels as well as hormone testing.  Most of the tests are simple urine and saliva test.

Diagnostechs – They have a range of test available.  The most common test we like to order from here is the Gastrointestinal Health Panel.  This can be a great tool for those with undiagnosed gut disorders.

PRINCIPAL lab – Principal lab is a great place to get all the test you need for wellness in panels.  The patient or your stockton chiropractor can order for you. Resources