Chiropractic care: A chiropractic spinal adjustment is a gentle and specific force delivered to spinal vertebrae to correct misalignment and relieve nerve interference. Chiropractors use a variety of adjusting techniques. The most common method is performed with the chiropractor’s hands delivering a quick pressure. Others use a slow constant pressure, while some utilize a specially designed instrument or table. We evaluate each patient’s unique spinal problem and determine which type of adjustment technique will work the best. Our office is equipped proper tables and adjusting tools allowing us to provide the best care for each of our patients. We focus on caring for and adjusting the spine by analyzing the spine for individual vertebral misalignments and correcting them with spinal adjustments. The success with our patients is due to a combined effect of our adjustments and each person’s own ability to heal.

Stockton Chiropractic Therapy EquipmentSpinal Rehabilitation:  Premier Chiropractic of Stockton, California, has complete facility for spinal rehabilitation.  We have the latest technology available for all our patients.

We have modern interferential current, high volt therapy, electrical stimulation therapy for faster recovery times.  The cold laser from Multi Radiance Medical we use at the practice is FDA approved to treat both chronic and acute pain.  It is very effective in the treatment of low back pain elbow pain, knee pain, arthritis pain, neck stiffness and muscle spasm.  The best part that there is no discomfort with the application of the therapy like some of the other treatments.  We have therapeutic ultrasound and computerized spinal traction devices available as well.

We make it a point to have specific appointments available so we can develop a realistic at home exercise and stretching program.  We get the patients trained quickly so that they don’t have to come back over and over just to have somebody monitor their exercises program.

TerraQuant Cold Laser


DSC7936-1024x721Chiropractic Care for Children: Chiropractic Care for children is growing rapidly and many more pediatricians are beginning to recommend Chiropractic for many ailments such as ear infections, colic, reflux, enuresis (bed wetting), ADHD, ADD, Mood disorders, Chronic Illness and many more aliments. Chiropractic is most beneficial for children because their nervous systems are just developing. When a child receives care from birth, it has been noted that their incidence of disease is much less common and much less severe. When subluxations are removed at an earlier stage of life, it allows the nervous system to function at a much higher level and, thus, allowing Children to fight off disease on their own without the use of excessive pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Schlegner’s two children have been under Chiropractic care since day one and continues to live a vibrant, healthy, and drug free childhood.

Massage TherapyMassage Therapy:
 Here at Premier Chiropractic we have we have a private, tranquil room available for your relaxing massage.  We have two licensed therapist on staff to give you a customized session that fits the needs of your body and mind.

Massage therapy has a powerful effect on the bodies circulation, joint mobility, breathing and muscle tension, to name a few.  The massage therapy session are great addition to your chiropractic adjustments and other therapies.  We offer this service Monday through Saturday and can be done on same appointment as your other treatments.  We offer a variety of treatments from hot stone massage to therapeutic massage.  When you make your appoint please specify which type of care you are looking for and we will accommodate your wishes.

Auto accident stocktonSpecialization in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury and Trauma: Chiropractic for Auto Accidents/Trauma-It has been known for a very long time that trauma such as Auto Accidents can cause significant misalignment of the spinal column, known as subluxations.  If this condition is not corrected following significant trauma, it can lead to Degenerative Disc Disease later in life. This condition can be debilitating as it affects your central nervous system. Chiropractic has long been the care of choice for trauma. Most people do not, realize that almost three-fourths of injuries sustained by a human being are of repetitive stress to the body. Working at a computer for longs hours, repetitive lifting, bending, twisting, standing or sitting for extended periods without a break are some of the leading causes to injuries. These types of trauma also cause significant structural problems and major health concerns.  It is imperative than any person who suffers from any acute or chronic injury be seen by a Chiropractor.