Risk of Stroke and Chiropractic

The biggest fear for many patients seeking treatment for spinal problems was the possibility of more injury to spine caused by treatments from chiropractors. For years many medical physicians had been reluctant to refer their patients to the chiropractor out of fears that chiropractor might injure them. One of the big myths was that chiropractors might be able injury an artery in the neck causing a stroke. There was very little evidence other than anecdotal accounts that patients with stokes may have recently been seen by a chiropractor.
Recent research published in 2015 finally answers the question. There is no connection between chiropractic manipulative therapy, also known as adjustments and stroke.1 This study was the first population-based study in the United States. They found that there was even a slightly lower chance of having a stroke in the chiropractic office on the same day as the visit was even lower than that of the medical office. They came to the conclusion because patients would likely receive medication such as ibuprofen which would like make the stroke worse and the adjustment would not.
The researchers should be commended for busting this myth while outlining that not only can chiropractors not injure you but it is probably safer than a trip to the MD for your neck pain and headaches.
Make sure you talk to your local chiropractor about the concerns you may have about your care. Feel free to contact Dr. Christopher Schlenger, DC, your chiropractor for the Stockton, CA area for more information.

1.Risk of Stroke After Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation in Medicare B Beneficiaries Aged 66 to 99 Years With Neck Pain
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