Flu Season

The flu season in the US is upon us. Our major news media organizations will start to inform the population that we are in imminent danger. The newest season of virus will bring a deadlier strain of virus that will cause severe respiratory issues that will bring us swiftly to the hospital. This will be followed up with the friendly advice to visit your local pharmacist or physician to get a flu shot (flu vaccine). I have heard that the effectiveness rate exceeds 50% for those that receive it early enough. The only problem is that is from one study and not from several sources.
The journal The Lancet decided to do their own research and review all the articles published on the vaccine effectiveness and find out if that was true. The researchers concluded that it can provide moderate protection in some year but can be completely worthless in other years. The worst part is the evidence wasn’t there to tell us that is works in those over the age of 65. There was strong evidence for children in the ages ranges of 6 months to 7 years old. [1]
There is some new evidence that Vitamin D can improve the health of the immune system which can reduce the amount of upper respiratory infections. [2] This means that you can take a vitamin D supplement that will decrease your chances of getting sick from the flu virus as well as other types of viruses that can do the same thing. The current theory why we have a flu season in the winter in North America is because the amount of sun we receive is decreased. Sun exposure is critical for humans to make vitamin D.
Current suggestions per research is to take somewhere between 50,000-100,000 IUs per week to achieve optimal dosage for adults. The best way is to have your blood levels assessed and have the dosage based up your individual level of production. This should be included in your regular wellness lab work up until dosage is optimized.
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[2] Vitamin D and Influenza, Adv Nutr July 2012 Adv Nutrvol. 3: 517-525, 2012

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