Common Injuries Treated by a Chiropractor

A Chiropractor is trained to treat a multitude of issues that people may have with their spine. You may ask, what are some of the injuries and illnesses that a chiropractor treats? Issues that vary from the most common factor of lower back pain, to auto accidents, sports injuries, repetitive movement, and stress can all be treated by a Stockton chiropractor.


As mentioned earlier, back pain can take many forms and the most common being lower back pain and neck pain. Back pain can be rooted from a skeletal problem, such as a degenerative condition like spondylosis or scoliosis that affects proper function of the spine. It could also be caused by repetitive motions or a trauma of some sort, like too much physical activity, lifting activities, or a sports injury. Neck pain can be caused by a cervical sprain, which is caused by tearing the soft tissue in the neck. This sort of injury is seen a lot in car accidents caused by whiplash. Sports injuries such as a stress fracture, ankle sprains, and tendonitis are all fairly common, and people with these types of injuries can benefit from chiropractic care from a Stockton chiropractor to get their foot or pelvis adjusted to ease pain and muscle tension. Scatia is actually one of the most common forms of neurological problems that are treated by chiropractic. This is when the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower spine to down through the thigh and down to your foot becomes enflamed.


Other than manual adjustment or manipulation, a chiropractor will employ other techniques and treatments to alleviate the symptoms of their patients. They will use muscle relaxation techniques such as massage, and have the patient do exercises such as yoga or stretching to strengthen the muscles that are causing them pain. A chiropractor may also suggest lifestyle changes such as an ergonomic desk, computer, or chair if the person has an office job to make them more comfortable and reduce any strain they may use to have.


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